Club Tanning Tempe


Club Tanning Tempe

Club Tanning is Tempe's Premium Tanning Spa. We are proud to offer our clients a Variety of UV and UV Free tanning platforms, full massage and reflexology services, health bar, and workout and fitness supplements. Our Knowledgeable staff will help guide you in selecting a Tanning strategy that will best fit your individual needs.

Quality and service are our number 1 priority! From our base Mega Sun level 1 beds to our high intensity Orbit level 3 you will find unsurpassed quality of truly commercial grade tanning platforms equipped with some of the finest lamps in the industry. We are proud to offer Mega Sun beds: More lamps closer to your body, equal a better faster tan! Our Orbit bed is Hot! Literally! With a twelve minute maximum tan time this bed is equipped with four 1000 hid watt facial lamps as well as 43 California Tan Helios body lamps.

Our Services don’t stop with tanning! Our health bar serves up delicious low carb smoothies and high protein shakes! We are also proud to sell Met-Rx work out and fitness supplements at very competitive prices.
Our Massage Therapists are highly skilled and are all licensed, insured and members of AMTA, our massage rooms are spacious and luxurious and sure to provide the relaxation you are looking for.

At Club Tanning you will find the highest quality of tanning beds, lotions, supplements, massage services and sales people. We strive to help our clients develop the tan they are looking for. From a hint of sun to a deep dark rich tan we make sure that are clients are happy with their results and that their skin stays healthy.

If you're tanning for a special occasion, or if you tan year round Club Tanning is the salon for you. Our spotless salon brings elegance and luxury to tanning. You will not find any orange people at Club Tanning we only offer the highest quality of Tanning platforms, lamps and lotions that provide the most natural looking Tans.

So what are you waiting for, Get your tan on!